John Fortier dangled cuts taxes 10.5%

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir
The candidate of Coalition Montréal, Jean Fortier

If he is elected mayor of Montreal on November 5, next, John Fortier is committed to reducing taxes to Montrealers of 10.5% during its four year mandate. Its recipe ? Rein in “spending lavishly” and delay some infrastructure work.


The candidate for Coalition Montréal unveiled on Wednesday its plan to put order in the finances of the City.


Montreal is cluttered with projects, but, according to Mr. Fortier, some work is not as urgent as the administration suggests. “The contractors we charge a premium because they have difficulty themselves to move to Montreal, he states. When we have an imprecise definition of the work, that we have timelines as unreasonable and a client with deep pockets, this is the magic recipe for cost overruns. “


John Fortier suggests that the site of the rueSainte-Catherine West to be delayed for a few years, as well as some rehabilitation work on sidewalks as it deems to be of less priority. This strategy would allow Montreal to set aside an amount of $ 180 million, ” he said.


Mr. Fortier, who has been chairman of the executive committee from 1998 to 2001 in the administration of Pierre Bourque, also believes that there is a need to rethink governance in the metropolitan region. The growth of the tax base of Montreal is slower than that of other cities of the Montreal metropolitan Community (CMM), he explained.


To remedy these inequalities, it proposes to review the allocation of responsibilities. The records of the environment, economic development, international relations and culture should become of the fields shared with the MWC, which would achieve cost savings of $ 100 million per year to taxpayers, he believes : “It is sure that it would be necessary that there be an arbitration, but the provincial government needs to think about that. I’m not asking for new fields of taxation. “

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And Montreal is expected to waive the water meters in the buildings, industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) and instead opt for a flat-rate data plan at the place of business which use water for cooling and air conditioning, adds Jean Fortier. In Montreal, the water is abundant and of good quality, and the costs to produce it are primarily fixed costs, ” he said.


If he becomes mayor of Montreal, Jean Fortier undertakes, therefore, to freeze the taxes for 2018, and then reduce to 3 % in 2019, and 3.5 per cent in 2020 and 2021. Recall that Denis Coderre promises to limit tax increases to inflation, while the leader of projet Montréal, Valérie Plante, has not yet announced its intentions regarding this subject.