Johnny Depp took care the next financial disagreements with their lawyers

Джонни Депп уладил очередные финансовые разногласия со своими адвокатами

Jake – as a personal lawyer of Depp and owner of the law firm Bloom Hergott several years received multimillion-dollar fees for their services without execution of corresponding contracts.

The lawyer also concealed the financial fraud of the company TMG, which previously had imagined.

These include credit, issued in the name of Depp the company Grosvenor Park, the existence of which the actor did not know at all. In addition, the bloom consisted in friendly relations with the head of a credit organization and benefited from the transaction. The court granted the petition and ordered the lawyer to pay Depp over $ 30 million.

Now Depp scored another victory, but above the other three lawyers that he hired to deal with the same bloom (unlucky actor with lawyers, it is a fact). He sued Frederick Levin, Michael Rome and Ali Abogada of the company Buckley LLP in October 2017, they argued that Depp has not paid all bills for their services.

The trial was scheduled for August 15, 2018. A month before the hearing, several media outlets reported that it was canceled because the parties reached a settlement agreement. But as it turned out, the data was not correct. Then, in August 2018, the trio won the case, and six months later Depp finally refused their services.

In may of this year Levin, Rome and Abogada filed a counterclaim, alleged Depp still has not paid him 350 thousand dollars. Today, Variety reported that the parties have agreed.

We intend to satisfy claims in the form of unpaid bills to the firm, Buckley Sandler LLP, as soon as Mr. Depp will receive the necessary financial resources, – said the lawyers of the actor.

Surprisingly, Depp (not alone of course, and with the help of their representatives) actively involved in all his trials, except for one ex-wife amber heard. 15 November, he had to provide the court with information about your treatment for alcohol and drug dependency, but did not fulfill the obligation.

In this regard, lawyers Hurd addressed the judge with a request to postpone the process for two months because have not received the documents from Depp.

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