Johnson has promised to withdraw Britain from the European Union by 31 January

Джонсон пообещал вывести Великобританию из Евросоюза к 31 января

© RIA Novosti / Justin Griffiths-Williams. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Archival photoof Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised voters to increase funding for the National health service and to ensure Brexit without any “but” and “if”.Following the results of last Thursday’s elections the Conservative party gained an absolute majority of votes, and now nothing can stop the government to implement Brexit.”We did it. We have achieved this. Come the new dawn of a new day. I will never take your support for granted. I accept it as a credibility,” Johnson said in his victory speech.”With this mandate, we will finally be able to realize Brexit. We will leave the EU on January 31. No IFS, no buts, he said.”Let’s Brexit is feasible, but first let’s have a Breakfast”, – he added.

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