Johnson: the Influence of Russia on Brexsit akin to the myth about the Bermuda triangle

Джонсон: Влияние России на Brexsit сродни мифу о Бермудском треугольнике

Boris Johnson. Illustration
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has denied rumours that the influence of Russia on the results of the referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU.

According to Sky News, his opinion on this matter the head of the government stated on 22 November, during the debate, answering a question when his Office intends to publish a report on the intervention of Moscow.

“There is no evidence that Russia’s intervention took place in any voting in the UK. The idea that someone influenced the decision of millions of people, comparable to a theory about the Bermuda triangle,” said Johnson.According to the newspaper, the report about the “Russian threat” were made by the members of the Committee for intelligence and security of the house of Commons. During the preparation of the document, the legislators used the data obtained from MI-5, MI-6.

In the drafting of the document was attended by the GCHQ — the British intelligence Agency, engaged in electronic intelligence and protecting government communication channels. The opposition claims that Johnson received a report on October 17, but authorities have not approved its publication and had not submitted it to Parliament.As reported TASS, in response, the Premier indicated that it “saw no need to change the time of its publication” and accelerate the standard procedure for the approval of these documents the Prime Minister’s office which may take several weeks.

In connection with the dissolution of Parliament at the time of the election campaign before the scheduled for December 12 early elections to the Parliament the report can now be published only after the new composition of the house of Commons.

Recall that the current head of the British government was an active supporter of a referendum on British exit from the EU. After 23 June 2016, the majority of citizens voted for Brexit, Johnson joined the government and was headed by the foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom.

Previously, Colossal reported that the authors of the report about Russia’s intervention in Brexit has not provided any concrete evidence. The document only stated that Moscow had the opportunity for such an intervention.

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