Joint survey of the three orders on the quality of care in NURSING homes

Enquête conjointe de trois ordres sur la qualité des soins en CHSLD

The Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ), the College of nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) and the Ordre des infirmières auxiliaires du Québec (OIIAQ) announced on Tuesday that they had launched a joint investigation on the quality of care in NURSING homes.

The three levels will focus on the practices of the CHSLD Herron, a centre of private accommodation non-contracted Dorval, as well as on those of the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal, a centre of accommodation to the public, these two institutions have made the headlines due to a poor management of the pandemic COVID-19.

“Our role is to ensure that residents of all NURSING homes have access to care of equal quality and in sufficient quantity. The holding of a joint inquiry will shed light on this subject and to take the required actions, the efficient and collaborative,” said by way of press release Dr. Mauril Gaudreault, president of the CMQ.

The investigation will be conducted by the respective experts of the three orders, and will deliver a report on the failures that were currently in NURSING homes.

“Through this joint investigation, we are convinced that we will be able to make recommendations to ensure that such a situation does not happen again,” explained the president of the OIIAQ, Carole Grant.

The two facilities are included in the red list of NURSING homes affected by the COVID-19, which means that the rate of infection is higher than 25%.

The CHSLD Herron has seen all of his patients infected by the COVID-19, while the staff had deserted the premises for fear of contracting the disease.

The university Institute of geriatrics of Montreal claimed that only five patients were dead of the COVID-19, whereas, in fact, 33 people have died in the establishment.

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