Joke of the day: at the Olympic games athletes tested for doping control

The most spectacular Olympics in the world.

Анекдот дня: на Олімпіаді спортсменів не перевіряли на допінг-контролі

Good day! We are live with our special Olympics. At our Olympics is no any doping control. Yeah, athletes are tested for doping. Exactly. So.., informs Rus.Media.

27 meters jumped Finnish athlete. Very, very good result for a player.

– Thirteen killed and sixty wounded. This is the result of a bad throw in Curling.

– Just made the jump with a pole Sergey Bubka. The audience look forward to when it finally lands.

– Spear throwers today was especially pleased. The result is two of the downed Boeing… and one of Sergey Bubka.

– Here is the third time Chinese gymnast spinning on the bar…

– The organizing Committee decided not to release the hammer throwers today, for security reasons.

And the marathon is traditionally one wins runner from Kenya. He’s the only one who ran to Kenya.

– Just become aware that something was missing the whole organizing Committee. And go to the site hammer throwers.

Canadian cyclist in a hurry forget the bike… but this does not prevent him to reach the finish line first!

– Meanwhile, the Chinese gymnast continues to spin on the bar…

– Hammer thrower makes the throw… and Chinese gymnast, it seems that Dobrotitsa.

– And finally, our traditional relay. Let’s look at the performance of Ukrainian athletes. Here he runs a thousand meters. Jumping from sixth. Took the bar. Ran a sprint. Put the rod. Puck, puck! Shah Mat! Gooool! Great result! And the athlete comes to the second round.