Joke of the day: chemistry teacher conducts an experiment with students, johnny has always distinguished itself as

That’s the conclusion!

Анекдот дня: вчитель хімії проводить експеримент з учнями, Вовочка як завжди відзначився

Chemistry teacher wanted to demonstrate to his class a lesson about the dangers of alcohol, so he decided to conduct an experiment, which used a glass of water, a glass of vodka and two worm, informs Rus.Media.

“Now, class. Watch what happens to these worms,” said the teacher, putting the first worm into a glass of water. The worm in the water moved, twisted and seemingly unharmed.

Then he put the second worm into a glass of vodka. For a moment he had twisted in pain, then quickly sank to the bottom and died.

“Now children, what lesson can we draw from this experiment?”, – he asked.

The johnny raised his hand and wisely replied, “If you drink vodka, you will have no worms!”