Joke of the day: in the town came a rich tourist and left a Deposit of $ 100 to the owner of the hotel

What interesting market relations.

Анекдот дня: у містечко приїхав багатий турист і залишив в заставу $ 100 господареві готелю

To the town came a rich tourist. Leaving to pledge $ 100 to the innkeeper, he rose to see the rooms.., informs Rus.Media.

The innkeeper, not wasting a minute, takes the bill and runs with it to the butcher to pay the debt.

The butcher, with the money in hand, runs to the farmer and gives him a debt for beef.

The farmer pays the debt to the owner of the garage.

The Studio owner goes to a local store and pays the debt for products.

The owner of the shop ran to a local girl escort, which because of the crisis “served” him in debt…

The girl immediately ran to the innkeeper and gives him a debt for the room that she rented to customers.

At this point, back down the tourist and says he does not find a suitable room, takes a Deposit and went…

Nobody got nothing but the whole town is now without debt lives and optimistic about the future…