Joke of the day: once human bodies have decided to choose a boss


Анекдот дня: одного разу людські органи вирішили обрати собі боса

Once the Head, Hands and Ass decided to choose a boss, informs Rus.Media.

The Chairman said:

– I have to be the boss. I have a brain. I can think of.

Hand says:

– No, we are the boss. We can do different things. Without us in any way.

Ass said:

– Can I be the boss…?

Then all began to laugh at her, like, what kind of Asshole boss. Only like and know how that shit out. Ass offended and natknulsya. And the next day all became bad. Head hurts, hands place a can not find. And they have agreed to make the ass of his boss.

The moral: do not have to be a head and hands boss can be any ass….