Joke of the day: the sailor finds out about the betrayal of his girlfriend

So we come up with!

Анекдот дня: моряк дізнається про зраду своєї подруги

Officer of the Navy, received a letter from his girlfriend, which reads as follows:

“Dear Max, I can no longer continue our relationship. The distance between us very large. I have to admit that ever since you left, I double-crossed you, and it’s not fair to either of us, informs Rus.Media.

I’m sorry. Please give me back my picture I sent you.

With love, Victoria!”

The officer, upset and insulted, asked his fellow Marines to give him any photos they would sacrifice to him their girlfriends, sisters, ex-girlfriends, aunts, etc.

Max put all the pictures of pretty girls, that he collected his friends, in the envelope. There were 57 photos, and wrote him a note:

“Dear Victoria, I’m sorry, but I can’t remember who you are. Please choose your photo, and send the rest back to me.