Joke of the day: wife comes home and the husband sits at the battery with a bandaged head

It is not surprising that men live less than women.

Анекдот дня: приходить дружина додому, а чоловік сидить біля батареї з перев&#039язаною головою

Wife comes home, and the husband sits at the battery with his head bandaged, informs Rus.Media.

The wife asks:

– Basil, honey that taboy?

– Invented a new method of making beer: Eat a kilo of sugar, Procopius a packet of yeast and warm all around the battery.

– Well, why his head is bandaged?

– And the roof ripped off.

After half an hour in the kitchen – the noise! Crackle!

Runs wife and asks:

– Vasily! What happened? Did you lose your mind?

– What the hell! No, the bottom knocked out.