Jonathan Marchessault ready to make sacrifices

Jonathan Marchessault prêt à faire des sacrifices

The pause abrupt of the season in the national hockey League (NHL) came at a very bad time for the Golden Knights Vegas, who knew good times for about a month.

For this reason, the quebec striker Jonathan Marchessault would especially like to that the league finds a way to restart the campaign halted by the global pandemic of sars coronavirus.

“It would be quite fair for all the teams that are fighting to be in series (…) it is necessary to continue, you play to win, for the opportunity to do the series”, he said on Monday, in an interview on the television show “Dave Morissette en direct” of the channel, TVA Sports.

“My team, in particular, we have worked hard to be in a situation like this and it would be the “fun” can continue”, he added.

One of the solutions of the NHL could be to complete the season in a context where all the teams would be together in four or five cities. For many players, this solution is not optimal because it entails a prolonged separation from their families. Marchessault is not in love with the idea either, but he appears ready to make that sacrifice.

“Wants, wants not, maybe it’s something like this that’s going to happen, this is the reality in which we live in the moment, and there are adaptations that we will have to do,” he admitted.

“I have children who grow up, this is not “fun” to think about, but these are sacrifices they will have to do, added the player of 29 years. I play hockey since I was young to win a Stanley Cup. If the opportunities present themselves, I’ll do anything to put the odds on my side.”

Marchessault, who had scored 47 points in 66 games before the break, indicates that players of the Knights remain in contact during this stop, since many of them live in the same area.

“We have updates on a regular basis (…) our team, we are all on the same wavelength and we want to continue the season and continue to play hockey”, he said.

Surprised by DeBoer

Marchessault truly seemed to have the heart broken when the Golden Knights have fired coach Gerard Gallant last winter. Gallant has done a lot for the careers of Québécois in the NHL and he had, and was always in high esteem.

“To lose Gerard, it hurts (…) it gave me the confidence, he said. The last year has not been my easiest, but he continued to send us, me and (William) Karlsson, even if we had a little more trouble. It was a pity to see him go.”

However, Marchessault has quickly grew to appreciate the contribution of the one who has replaced Gallant, Peter DeBoer.

“We all embarked in his boat and I was pleasantly surprised, at what point is a good coach, he admitted. He believes in something, and I think our team has become better, we may be become too “boys club” with Gerard. Pete has kept us humble and we played great hockey.”

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