Josélito Michaud at QUB: “It is the medium that I prefer”

Josélito Michaud à QUB: «C’est le médium que je préfère»

Starting from July 7, Josélito will host the podcast And after.., at QUB radio, in which he will discuss with various guests of the after-COVID-19. The facilitator talks to us about this exciting project.

Josélito, how’s it going?

I’m doing well! I’m in the mode return. We will soon announce my return to the flat, and I will soon begin a new novel. And, of course, I’m also making my return to radio this summer and it makes me very happy!

How is born the idea of the podcast And after…?

The COVID has helped me a lot to put the foot on the brake. I was working on several projects at the same time, and the pandemic has given me the right to calm me down, ask me and me to rest. I’ve worked with, but with a lot less pressure. For a long time, before the pandemic, I was very concerned by the speed with which all the world was going. I told myself that that was not life, and that we should all be more contemplative. When the COVID-19’s arrival, I have been very much on the question of what would happen after. So I proposed to QUB radio to make a broadcast.

Is it that all of the topics will revolve around what will follow the pandemic?

Yes. I will do interviews and I jaserai with my guests from different subjects, such as the containment, the way they lived the crisis and their vision of the future after the pandemic.

That is what emerges in general from your interviews?

What is amazing is that the whole world has realized that something didn’t work anymore and he had to change this. I have also noticed that many have a fear that we forget everything once everything is back in order. Do not erase what happened, it is necessary to grow through it all. There is a great willingness to change, and people recover much in question.

How have you selected your guests?

I have chosen them based on what I wanted to hear. I didn’t want to invite a celebrity just to have a feature in the program. I went there with people who —I knew— would have something to say. I will receive personalities from different backgrounds: artists, politicians, or people who are in the heart of the news and which have sometimes had important decisions to make.

That represents this return to the radio for you?

I haven’t done radio since 2016; I had voluntarily decided to remove myself. I wanted to wait until the perfect opportunity presents itself. I worked mainly in development. After the series Olivier, in 2017, I needed to remove myself. But radio is the medium that I prefer, and, thanks to the formula podcast, I record all this from home. I love to explore this new way of doing things!

What are your other projects?

I will be presenting in the autumn a new documentary series in seven episodes on Radio-Canada, Josélito around the world, in which I’ll really go to the heart of things. I’m also going to get the result of my novel, Olivier on the back. There is also the matter of adapting this second part to the television. This result will be much less personal than the previous one. I allowed myself some freedoms because there are themes that I absolutely wanted to address in the sequel.


  • Two new episodes of And after… will be put online on QUB radio each week starting Tuesday, July 7.
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