Journalists want blood, according to Couillard

Photo: Francis Vachon, The canadian Press
The premier of Québec, Philippe Couillard

The prime minister Philippe Couillard has accused the media of fuelling the “human drama” on the day after a cabinet reshuffle, major, through which it has invited five new members to serve on the Council of ministers, but returned only one person.


“What is it that you want to have, others you, the media ? You want to have a pound of flesh, a little blood on the table ? It is this that interests you ? You want to have the human drama ? It is this that you are a little ? You want to have beautiful items over there ? ” he asked during an impromptu press Thursday morning.


The head of the government was reacting to some political observers, according to which he refused to show the door of the government to elected officials for fear of their splitting the heart. “When I read that, I smile in a corner. I am not severe. It is as if the index was : do someone wrong it’s been good articles. “Removes a minister. If you do not remove no minister, this is not good. “What is it is that this story-there ! […] If it is a contest of demotion, I am not playing this game with me ! ” he launched to the journalists clustered around him in the lobby of the hotel Le Concorde in Quebec city. “Me, I play to the construction. It is in the process of building Quebec. “


Mr. Couillard recalled having entrusted Wednesday of the “major responsibilities” of young people elected liberals, starting with the member of parliament for Pontiac, André Fortin, who, at the age of 35 years, has been catapulted to the head of the ministry of Transport.

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“Me, I prefer to speak of the skill of the people. I have competent people around the table. Why would they have left [the Council of ministers] ? Because they are competent and more experienced ? That is what it is this history ? ” he continued.


Other details will follow.