Journey through Spain on the buses

I would like to tell about the journey our family to Spain in late may-early June 2013

Hello! I would like to tell about the journey our family to Spain in late may-early June 2013 Machine we didn’t use, and most of the trips were on buses. Because little experience of travel to Europe (Latvia) has been, our eyes turned to that part where, in the opinion, at that time already warm and you can get a lot of impressions. I also wanted to celebrate Europe’s day of birth. Therefore, we chose Spain. The vouchers bought in advance at the beginning of March. My friend who has a travel Agency, advised for family holidays in the Costa Dorada, Cap Salou area. At first it was supposed to go for 12 days, the hotel has made some changes and I had to go for 10 days. Before the trip, has been viewed a lot of sites about Spain, reviews on travel, for which a special thank you to all identified routes of the city. But, as always in all the home had to make adjustments to planned routes. So, let’s begin. But let’s start with the fact that we moved the departure date from 30 may to 31 may (the Charter was not typed), but it played into our hand because it was an early departure (5:00am). After strolling a little duty-free shopping, compare prices and picked up a Martini (12 euros) (although many of the reviews wrote that in Spain alcohol is much cheaper what it was), moved to the landing. The flight to Barcelona was a regular, over the porthole floated beautiful views. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах

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  Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах What kind of mountain flying – I don’t know, but beautiful. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах The exception was the food – it was disgusting (sour salad and delicious fish). Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах On approach to Barcelona. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Barcelona met with cold winds and 14 degree temperatures. Where is the summer?! – Cried we. But we were assured that the weather at this time there for the first time. The host of “Pegas-Touristik” – was found quickly. We were told the bus number and where he stands. Booting into it, moved in the direction of Salou. Spain… Spain… You probably leaves no one indifferent. So in our case. Listening to the stories of the guide about Spain, with great interest watched sweep over the window scenery. Admired everything: nature, architecture, and most importantly – roads and clean! Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах The toll on the highway… There’s no traffic… It’s not the season. Indeed, the traffic in Spain is a matter of respect. And the quality of the roads does not compare with ours. There really start to understand that everything is done in the first place for people, not for PR. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах On the way we stopped in one of the coastal towns to plant the first batch of tourists. That struck the narrow streets where barely protiskivatsya the bus. But the skill of the driver, watching as he masterfully drove on such a huge dinosaur between parked cars, causing respect. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Finally arrived at the hotel. Because before check-in (check – out time- 12:00) was still a couple of hours, went to explore the area. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах The neighboring hotel Chalfont. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Cap Salou. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Reserved place. Shows endangered species. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Map of Salou. The Hotel Best Cap Salou The hotel leaves a pleasant impression, because it is located in a small closed Bay, five floors in a three-rayed star, the rooms are quite meet all the requirements. The only thing faced for the first time, that the rent of the fridge 20 euros for the week) and lock for the safe (10 Euro), but because it was nespot without it. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах A view of the hotel from the sea. The hotel has a swimming pool, Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах There is an indoor pool for the kids where happy to flop adults. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах There is a small sandy beach with a very gentle sunset in the sea. The water is very clean. Beach clean from debris and algae early in the morning. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах On the street 20. Swimming in the sea our. The lower floor has a bar, games machines, Billiards and a small kids track bowling. Also for children there is a small children’s room. The restaurant is great, but sometimes the influx of wanting to eat was such that there was a small queue. The restaurant staff is very friendly. Main dishes were diverse and the freshness of the cooking. Often gave presentations on various vkusu. Was always fresh fruit (melons, watermelons, pineapples, apples, oranges). Desserts and cakes were admired, but they do not always leave space in the stomach. The only thing that causes hostility, it is our fellow citizens, feverish, burning eyes and fill plates and then not eating or only bite, leave them on the tables. The waiters it has always been, devavani views. By the way, Hotasa note, if you ordered drinks and didn’t drink, bottle hang tag with your room number you can finish next time. Wine offered in the restaurant, mostly from the Torres winery (dry), but in Spain, found the only (so we were assured) semi-sweet wine brand Honeymoon. The taste is extraordinary! The price ranges from 8 to 10 euros. Подорож по Іспанії на автобусах Oh, and drinks at lunch and dinner, the restaurant paid. Excursions We would like to note that offer tours (especially the bus) are often overpriced. In traveler reviews was the recommendation to use the city’s bus network “Plana”, and it was confirmed by some campers, but we do have firsthand experience. Indeed, buying trips in the Plan, you can significantly save your budget. Also very convenient payment system in urban buses “Plan” was a payment card that can be purchased at the information booths or offices. The cost of the card – 15 euros for ten trips, and then only do a card for ten trips for 11 euros. The card can be returned, in this case return of 2.5 euros, but if it still has one refund. Port Aventura It is really an amusement Park for children and adults… One might even say, more for adults who feel children. Get emotions impossible to describe. Admission to the Park it is better to allocate two days to leisurely enjoy all its capabilities, its attractions. If you don’t want to stand in queues to purchase a ticket-Express (25 euros – 10 main theme :)) that allows you to get on the rides without waiting in line. Epilogue I won’t tell you about the cities of Spain (Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia). About them much has been written in reviews. I will say one thing – to see their worth, even just need to leave forever in the memory of the unique atmosphere inherent in these places. The only thing I wish is to allocate to each city for 3-4 days. Only then will you be able to see many things and feel. PS a Small addition. Keep in mind that the representatives of “Pegasus” when you pay with a discover card is triple conversion and the cost of excursions is more expensive. My remark on this occasion, the representative of Ekaterina, it was left without attention. Surely there will be questions about the cost of travel. The cost of the Tour (2 adults. +1 REB.): Barcelona fountains – 64 euros, PortAventura (1 day) – 129 Euro + 50 Euro for Express tickets, Valencia oceanaria – 115 euros. Map “Plans” with the completion of 37 euros. Food trips and not only is 200-300 euros. Insurance of Luggage – 30 euros. Shopping.- .. Euro distances Travelled and resulting emotions assessment can not be!

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