JP Morgan called currency to pay in case of a crisis

In the list of best investments – the dollar, yen and Swiss franc

JP Morgan назвал валюты для покупки на случай кризиса

Singapore dollar, Japanese yen, Swiss franc and US dollar are the main currencies that you want to buy in case of crisis, — the report of the analysts of the Bank holding company JP Morgan on the results of the analysis of the last five recessions in the world, reports Bloomberg.

The recession happens when the creditors at the same time asking borrowers to return their money back. Three of the four leading currencies in the world to own during a recession is money those countries that can boast of very strong positions in foreign markets“, — is told in the analytical report.

According to experts JP Morgan, among these the most reliable currency – yen. Less attractive for investment the Singapore dollar. At the same time the U.S. dollar loses its reliability as the national currency of the USA is the basis for financial transactions. In particular, during the global turmoil business in the world has to buy dollars to pay debts.

According to analysts, the currencies of developing markets (e.g. Russia) it is obviously necessary to get rid of, since they are particularly worthless in times of crisis and “SAG” in the middle 17% over a two year period from the beginning of the recession.

However, in JP Morgan believe that the conversations in the public sphere about the alleged upcoming new full-scale crisis today are “premature.” However, analysts are advised to draw up plans to diversify its foreign exchange savings for the business in case of unforeseen circumstances in the global economy against the backdrop of escalating international trade relations.

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