JP: the pipeline is being built in Danish waters, and sanctions USA

JP: газопровод строят в датских водах, а санкции вводят США

While the Russian company Nord stream lays last pipe in the Danish waters, the U.S. Congress decided to impose sanctions.On Monday evening the committees on defense of the house of representatives and Senate in Washington have come to the deployed cross-party agreement. This means that soon against the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2” will impose sanctions.”USA needs to stop the Russian “North stream — 2″. In the coming days with this purpose, Congress passes and the President signs the specific sanctions which, in particular, will punish companies involved in the gas pipeline,” said Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz).”Nord stream — 2″ is owned by Gazprom, which controls the Russian government. Through this pipeline gas will be supplied from Russia to Germany, including through Danish territorial waters. Opinions of European countries about this project, about which they dispute for several years, was divided. Some Europeans want to get out more gas, while others believe that the project will become a lever of influence of the President Putin in Europe.””Nord stream — 2″ harms Ukraine and European energy independence, and also gives Russia the opportunity to use our allies,” said Democrat Jane Sahin (Jeanne Shaheen).The United States are very keen to sell Europe natural gas which they transport in liquid form.The discussion on sanctions is underway in Washington for a long time, but, despite broad political support for the idea, before business did not reach a final vote. On Monday, however, it was agreed that sanctions should be included in the overall strategy for national defense, which is signed each year, after which the armed forces of the country are allocated money.The pipeline build in Danieli should concern companies that are engaged in the laying of the pipeline under the Baltic sea.More than 80% of the pipeline total length of 1.2 thousand kilometers has already been laid. “Nord stream — 2″ said Jyllands-Posten, which started the construction of the last segment, which runs within the special economic zone of Denmark.Denmark is the last of all the transit countries gave their permission. It happened in October, after a year of consideration of applications.In addition to cut to the South-East of Bornholm, another small piece of tubing should be laid in German waters. Comment on us sanctions the company refused.”We know about the political debate and the legislative initiatives of Congress, but can’t comment on their implications for our project,” wrote “Nord stream — 2” in the letter.Passive Transakcie against the Russian project associated with the desire of Congress to tighten the course against Russia and to demonstrate the growing discontent too soft, according to many, the President’s attitude Donald trump to Moscow.Earlier, trump criticized the “Nord stream — 2″, as well as Germany for its support of this project. But otherwise he was quite passive, including when it last week during the NATO summit in London asked whether he supports sanctions.”We have not yet quite decided. I think this project is a problem. But this is a problem that Germany must decide itself,” said trump, who, as already mentioned, have to sign a new law on sanctions to take effect. And it can not be done.However, this development is not too likely, because then you will be blocked funding for the entire defense.The Danish company ended robotopolis sanctions aimed at enterprises building the pipeline, they can touch the shipping company Allseas, which is based in Switzerland. The company owns the ship Pioneering Spirit (according to her, the world’s largest vessel of this type), through which pipe the “Nord stream — 2” are placed on the bottom of the Baltic sea.We were unable to get a comment about Allseas announced sanctions.Pioneering Spirit has recently entered into Danish waters to pave there is 147 kilometers of pipes and connect the two parts of the pipeline. The pipes from the side of Germany and Russia was laid until the “Nord stream — 2” waiting for authorization and approval of the final route from the Danish authorities.It is expected that the work will complete within six weeks. According to plan, the pipeline will be launched next year.The fact that most of the work has already been done, can reduce the effect of U.S. sanctions. For example, Danish Blue Water Shipping, which was a subcontractor to the “Nord stream — 2″ has finished the job a few months ago. The company engaged in the processing and storage of 113 thousand pipes and their transportation across the two terminals in Sweden and Finland. The amount of the contract amounted to 40 million Euro, and now the work has already been done.”We understand that the American sanctions are aimed at those involved in the project now, not on those who participated in it earlier. Therefore, we believe that they might not touch,” — said the head of the press service of the company, Jan Ortlund Hansen (Jan Hjortlund Hansen) and added that the company “knew from the beginning that this is a political project.””But with the political part there was nothing we could do about it, so I just stayed practical. And a big political discussion is not affected”, — he said.

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