Judi et Yvon learn Spanish with La casa de papel

Judi et Yvon apprennent l’espagnol avec La casa de papel

Judi Richards and Yvon Deschamps have lived a beginning of a pandemic rather hectic, the ones who were still in Florida last month.

“We had to first go back to the end of April, says Judi. But we were afraid that the hotels are closed, and we finally returned on the 27th march, after three days on the road. ”

The couple was in an idyllic place near West Palm Beach. “It was a little hideaway, a house on a golf course with no one around,” says Judi. I could do the bike every day without seeing anyone. ”

But since their children were concerned that they could not return to the country if the borders were closed, Judi et Yvon took the road.

“I made food for three days for not having to go to restaurants, says Judi. We also brought sheets over the bed in the hotels where we slept. I cleaned the flat, handles, switches. I was an expert!! ”

For almost a month, the couple lives its confinement in his four-and-a-half of The Île-des-soeurs. “We left a paradise with palm trees and a swimming pool to get back in the cold, where it is grey and beige (laughter). But it has a magnificent view on the 20th floor in a building, said Judi. We are happy to be a part of the lovely gang of confined. There is a beautiful solidarity. ”

To stay in shape, Judi et Yvon, who were, respectively, 70 and 84 years of age, make walks of 20 minutes in their home. “In the morning, there is also the technique Nadeau on Facetime with our daughter and her son. We did that just to stretch together. It’s been really good. ”

Adorable or violent

During the containment, they have taken advantage of these last days to watch the fourth season of the popular series of Netflix house of paper (casa de papel). “We have two daughters who are married with Spanish speakers and it allows us to learn Spanish. It looks in original version with subtitles.

“It is a series of very violent,” adds Judi. Yvon can not say that it is his business favorite (laughter). But me, I’ve always loved the business dark murders as Dexter. It is so far from my life, but I find it entertaining. ”

Fans of the series british, Judi et Yvon have very much enjoyed Call the Midwife. “It is wonderful,” says Judi. We had a lot of fun to watch it. Like Downton Abbey, there are some series that we do well and that bring us back to a simpler time. We will, therefore, between the series, extremely adorable, and the series of violent (laughs). ”

Side movies, the two lovers have watched a few productions from québec, as a Liar, The fall of the american empire and De père en flic 2. They have also very much enjoyed the documentary The Polio Crusade on PBS.

Judi also mentions to take advantage of the containment to work on new music, she sings the last few years with her daughters Karen and Sarah-Émilie. “We are working on a mini-Christmas album “, she said.

The suggestions Judi Richards and Yvon Deschamps

Tv series

  • The house of paper (casa de Papel)
  • Call the Midwife


  • Liar
  • The fall of the american empire
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