Judicial reform of the estate of USAID

Судебная реформа имении USAID

I read the position of the Grand chamber and actually come to the conclusion about the complete failure of the judicial reform of the estate of USAID-Poroshenko – Filatov-Kozlova, qualititive and selection of judges.Based on these positions of judges of lower courts are just totally ignorant and admit blunders, not in the substantive law, they are not able to comply with the rules of procedural law and not constantly have time for a change of jurisdiction (mood, weather, temperature, wind, precipitation on Mars, concepts of justice and fairness under the guise of the rule of law), which leads to mass violations of citizens ‘ rights to protection.This is of course if we believe that the Supreme court selected the best, and who then went in the other courts?If we now introduce filters for appeal, in Ukraine the legal position then will be formed at the level of courts of appeal. How many of us appeals, and many would legal positions.I do not have time all this grantososnaya garbage, Amateurs and Dazzlers to kick, and the previous composition of the constitutional Commission under the President Poroshenko, who developed illegally taken Paruby procedure codes to take into custody?rkravetsUA