Judo Quebec wants answers

Judo Québec veut des réponses

Like professional boxing, the quebec federations of combat sports are in search of responses on the part of the public health and government Legault. A full recovery of their activities, which would depend on the arrival of a vaccine for the COVID-19, could have adverse consequences in the short, medium and long term.

In Judo Quebec, it is 11 000 athletes are limited to single drives since the June 17.

And they don’t know when they will repeat the workout complete as was the case prior to the 12 march.

A situation that complains the president of Judo Quebec.

“It is difficult to conceive that it will have to wait for a vaccine. Is it that we know when it will arrive on the market ? If yes, will it be effective ? asks Patrick Kearney.

“If it takes three or four years, it would die in combat sports. “

“I think you need to be ready to handle a share of the risks. Combat sports are part of it. It is impossible that there is no risk. As we have seen with the reopening of the bars. “

A wall

As all the sports federations in Quebec, Judo Quebec has presented a plan to déconfinement in the last few months. However, it does not seem to have hit the target desired by the public health.

In the last few weeks, seeing that they had no answers on the part of the authorities concerned, the federations of combat sports have decided to unite their forces.

They have submitted new proposals to the public health and the ministry of Sport, which is under the direction of Isabelle Charest. This initiative has remained a dead letter.

Judo Québec veut des réponses

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Isabelle Charest

“We presented a plan of health measures that is identical to that of France, where judo is the national sport and where combat sports come to be déconfinés, said Kearney. With the other federations, we have reworked on our second phase and our proposal was more restrictive than our first version.

“It was suggested including training in small groups. “

Despite this approach, the federations of combat sports have again struck a wall.

“We have still had no news from them, said the president of Judo Quebec. All we want is to be able to sit down with them to find solutions. We are open to discussions. “

According to our information, the new plan proposed by the constituency did not even have the right to a single reading from his deposit. What to discourage all the followers of the combat sports who are waiting for the green light since 12 march.


Kearney is crossing fingers for an ending quick, but it is realistic. He even sees other dark clouds are on the horizon.

“If the situation continues, I wonder what will happen with our 94 athletes in sport-études at the return of school in September, he mentioned. The parents ask me questions for which I have no answer for the moment. “

And we are not talking about Judo Canada, which has sent its national team to Alberta for the summer season. The national centre of the federation is based in Montreal, in the premises of the national Institute of sport, at the olympic Stadium.

“Like us, their situation is not ideal, especially as the majority of the national team is made up of Quebecers,” explained Kearney. With our 11 000 members, it represents a large portion of the basin of judo in Canada.

“If we knew a significant decline in the number of our members, it could do very badly on this federation. “

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