Judoka lost the fight at the tournament in Baku for mobile phone

Дзюдоист проиграл бой на турнире в Баку из-за мобильного телефона

At the stage of the Grand slam in judo in Baku, the representative of Portugal Henri Egotize lost the fight due to mobile phone which was in his kimono, reports “WORLD 24”.

The footage of the video posted on the website of the International judo Federation, it is seen that in the beginning of the bout with an opponent from the Swedish kimono, tatami Egotize on cell phone falls. The Swede immediately grabbed it and turned to the judge, and frustrated, Egotize went outside the site.

According to the rules of judo athletes during a bout must not have the foreign objects, and Egotize awarded a technical defeat.

The Portuguese Georgian origin Henri Egotize is the winner of the Junior European championship in Malaga and Madrid in 2016. He took third place on the stage of the Grand Prix in Morocco, the second in Tbilisi and the third in Zagreb in 2018.

Earlier it was reported that Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Russian hadzhimurat Gatsalov will compete under the Armenian flag. Champion of the Olympic games 2004 in Athens and five-time champion of the world after a three year break, said on his return to the sport and change of sport nationality.