Jug of coconut and vase from Japan: in Moscow, we found thousands of wonderful artifacts

Кувшин из кокоса и ваза из Японии: в Москве нашли тысячи чудо-артефактов

In Moscow over the past eight years found 30 thousand artifacts, reported on the website of the mayor of the Russian capital.

For example, have been found faience plate 1880-ies. It depicts the double-headed eagle and ribbon with the inscription “Association M. S. Kuznetsova”. Scientists have suggested that this finding could be part of the dinner service.

This year, the team was able to find a button with a picture of two coats of arms under Coronado and the motto of the genus Bobrinsky: “glory to God, life to you.” The experts came to the conclusion that it was sewn to the uniform of the servant or gatekeeper of the house Bobrinsky.

She also found a fragment of a Cup from a coconut shell. On the outer side is engraved a floral ornament and at the top is a medallion with the image of birds. It is assumed that this vessel was used as a Cup for drinking.

Also, the archaeologists found the vase on the historical territory of the estate Golitsyn, is now the Pushkin Museum. The item is decorated with floral ornament and an image of the cranes that have survived to the present time. According to the results of the analysis, the birthplace of the vase is Japan.

Experts predict that this season the archaeologists are waiting for not less than six thousand interesting discoveries.

Earlier it was reported that in South Georgia found a stone the juicer of the time of Queen Tamara.