Julie Nublat-Faure, sports assistant for the City of Lyon: “Feminization and eco-responsibility” |

    Julie Nublat-Faure, sports assistant for the City of Lyon: “Feminization and eco-responsibility” |

    Julie Nublat-Faure, sports assistant for the City of Lyon

    The sports assistant of the new green majority ensures that the municipality will support amateur clubs hit hard by the health crisis. In this interview that she gave us, the elected ecologist presents his action plan for Lyon sport.

    Lyon Capitale: What is your view on the situation of amateur clubs hit hard by the health crisis?

    Julie Nublat-Faure: If I used a sports metaphor: in boxing or rugby, when you take a hit by surprise, well, it’s very hard. Our amateur clubs have really suffered from this crisis. The government with its very top-down decision-making model has not given them the opportunity to cope. On the other hand, amateur clubs fought for their members, while the opening and closing directives of our sports facilities, which resulted from several ministerial decrees, punctuated their daily lives. Like them, I am not defeatist. What we hear from the services of the City and the clubs is mostly reassuring. It is more in the long term that this will play out. As we know, we will have to support the return of the licensees. As such, the return to school in September next year will be really decisive for the rest.

    What measures has the City taken to support these clubs?

    As soon as I took office in July, I immediately took on this issue. With the help of city departments and my assistant colleagues from the boroughs, we quickly launched support mechanisms to promote the associative initiatives of amateur clubs in our territory. I am thinking in particular of the “hyphen” device, a subsidy allocated to clubs. There was already a very strong expectation from the local associative fabric and we wanted to accompany them quickly in the health sequence that we experienced before the summer. Having said that, we know we really have to act. But to be as effective as possible, it was above all necessary to assess and measure our needs. The Sports Office, the city management control and the sports department, whose work I would like to salute, are responsible for making this diagnosis. I still take the opportunity to encourage sports clubs that are in danger to make themselves known. We are ready to receive them in order to find solutions together.

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