Julien Lacroix and the advantage of being isolated in a country cottage

Julien Lacroix et l’avantage d’être isolé dans un chalet

While many of these have to live in the confinement of the current city, Julien Lacroix, he is currently isolated in a cabin. In addition to writing episodes for a possible second season of the series 2000 Project, the comedian took the opportunity to watch a ton of movies and series, including black Series that he has watched ” for the umpteenth time “.

It is for the quality of the texts of the tandem François Létourneau, Jean-François Rivard as Julien Lacroix loves all the Series black. “The dialogues can sometimes be so absurd, but played so realistically by the actors of quality,” he said. The replicas of the most magical in recent years are often of the duo Létourneau/Rivard. The directing is stylized and perfectly executed. And of course, I love the finger of honor of the second season to the archaic world of the calculation of ratings ! ”

In his other recent favourites of television, the comedian mentions the Face of the street, on Illico, as well as a False start, Fork , and This is how I love you, on HERE Tou.tv.

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The isolation in a cottage-filled DVD also allowed him to devour many films, including Maurice Richard, C. R. A. Z. Y., The grand seduction, Gaz Bar Blues, The Kings, the mongols, The Boys 1 & 2, The fingers crooked and 1987. “I also watched the quebecois film on Netflix, Until the decline. This is great ! “

Even if it indicates to be a little “uneducated” in music, Julien Lacroix has listened to the new album by Louis-Jean Cormier, as Lomepal, Eddy De Pretto and Angela. “And even the good old Aznavour ! “

Side books, the humorist was finished My October 70 : The crisis and its aftermath, by Robert Comeau. And he is currently in the process of reading The beast and its cage, David Goudreault.

Julien Lacroix also attempts to stay connected with his entourage, in spite of the distance. “I’m talking on FaceTime with my family, my friends and especially my tour team and I spend about six days per week in normal times. “

“I have to admit that this time of break makes me feel good,” he said. Usually, I write day and on the road, in addition to shoots and shows. Here, for the first time, I am isolated and I advance all of my projects, series and movies. This is a luxury that I enjoy it. It is necessary to see the good in everything. “

The suggestions of Julian

 Tv series

  • Black series
  • Facing the street


  • Until the decline
  • Maurice Richard
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