Jurgen Klopp: the fight for us the most important in the season

Юрген Клопп: тот поединок для нас самый важный в сезоне

“I think we play our best football, – quotes the expert an official site of UEFA. – “Salzburg” was very happy with the results two weeks ago, since the match against us will be for the Austrians is like a final. Everything is understood, this is a decisive match and we are ready for it. The hosts only victory will do. However, we have our own ambitions, and we do not intend to settle for less… At Anfield we started very good but then the opponent opened the door. Salzburg took advantage of this chance, but quite understandable. This is a talented team with a great coach in the person of Jesse Marsh. This fight is for us the most important in the season.”

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