Just clicked on the point: Yoga heals the body in 20 minutes

Просто нажал на точки: Йога исцеляет организм за 20 минут

Yoga involves the whole body while exercising, rejuvenating and training it to control all functions of the body. Wise is a special yoga for the fingers, which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Просто нажал на точки: Йога исцеляет организм за 20 минут

On the body is full of pain and energy points, which are used in yoga exercises. Point activate or block the bloodstream, then it may seem a strong flow of energy. It would seem, just clicked on the points, but the effect on the body is enormous.

Yoga is able to completely restore the body and give control over it, that will help to prepare for winter frosts. Activating the special abilities of the body can generally stop hurting.

Wise can be used at any time, even while reading the book. It is only necessary to remember the position of the fingers and wrists for correct flow of energy. Just 20 minutes a day of exercise heals the body and activates the immune system.

To do this, use the wise Ling, which protects against colds, increases metabolism and gives energy. To accomplish it you need to cross the fingers to the thumb of the right hand faces upward, and the thumb and index finger of his left hand encircled him, forming a circle. This position of the hands need to hold 20 minutes to allow the body time to soak up the energy.