Just select the word and find out what it means

Просто выберите слово и узнайте, что оно значит

We present you a unique and simple personality test. All you need is to look at the seemingly chaotic field of letters. Look closely.Saw some word?

The word or words that you see first are the encrypted message from your subconscious.

And so it begins! Carefully look…

Просто выберите слово и узнайте, что оно значит

Considered? Now see that all the same this means.


You have powerful intuition, many mistakes in my life you could have avoided if we had listened to the inner voice. You have an amazing intuition, obey it!

The most important qualities in other people do you think kindness and faithfulness. You do incredibly kind and loyal person and expect the same from others. However, “to drive” does not allow…And rightly so.


You are very comfortable and soft person, other people tend to communicate with you, and sometimes very jealous. Ignore the envious attention, the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

You are very tolerant of others, forgive them, many weaknesses and shortcomings, but extremely critical of yourself. Sometimes you should to be softer and more demanding of others.


You are spiritually a very strong person, you don’t need to shout to prove it. Your quiet strength is displayed in the view-your view impossible to forget. People feel it, even though you rarely use this power.

Whatever happens, you can survive any trouble in the end turn out to be the winner. Remember, water wears away the most powerful and strong stones.

The net

You are a natural psychologist and a fine judge of character. Your one glance is enough to understand-why is a particular person. Many of your girlfriend turning to you for advice.

However, sometimes you need to be more secretive and not tell other people everything you see, because people so often turn it against you. Don’t share all information, but do take on Board.


This word is noticed by those who should pay attention to the energies inherent in your family. Simply put, talk to your parents, and grandparents-let them tell what is important to them in life, listen to their life stories, and stories of the lives of others of your ancestors. In these stories there is something important to your current life situation.

You’re a wise man and ,of course, will understand what.


You are a very modest and responsible person. Often due humility you miss opportunities that were originally yours. Be life throws them for you, because only you will be able to implement them. Dream and believe in their dreams.

Pay less attention to the opinion of other people, often they tell you something out of jealousy and fear that you will be able to take their place.


You a natural born leader and a terrific organizer. You are still the big boss? Then feel free to try this is for you. You are just smart and know how to inspire other people. With such a man is very pleasant to work with.

Surprisingly, next to the man you prefer to be a weak woman. You love strong spirit men and those around you.


It means that your life today requires a “wash.” Get rid of all unnecessary things, people, negative emotions. And then something new and better will come into your life.

Already clinging to obsolete yourself, you do not give energy to circulate freely and thus stopwrite pleasant change in your life.

Fish, Noblewoman

You need charge new positive emotions. If you chose “fish”-then you just need care for loved ones, don’t hesitate to ask them about it. But if “noblewoman”-then you need salvation alone.

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