Justice or lynching in public?

Justice ou lynchage public?

There’s a virus lurking. It is virulent, it terrace to its victims, making them K.-O., unable to work, crying.

A virus that is pernicious, because it propagates at the speed of lightning. Only one person is affected and in just a few clicks, it contaminates thousands of minds.

It strikes the blind, hidden behind a keyboard. This virus pest has replaced the journalistic investigations, police investigations and the course of justice.

This is the virus of the disclosure. And the worst thing is that this virus doesn’t care whether the person is guilty or innocent.


In the last few days, Safia Nolin has denounced on Instagram serious that would have been posed by By Morin (note that I still have to use the conditional, as I learned at the school of journalism).

On the waves of QUB radio, columnist Varda Etienne said : “That Safia Nolin has decided to make its exit on the social media, it looks. Who are we to judge the Where, When and How?”.

Uh… no… it doesn’t look that Safia Nolin! If now all those who feel aggrieved engage in denunciations on the public square, it is a denial of justice.

It is found that in the case of By Morin, she recognized part of the facts and apologized. “But what justification does he get now justice itself?

And if an Injured Anonymous decided tomorrow morning to denounce Varda on social media, claiming that it is wrong conduct in a context X, is that Varda would increase the shoulders, saying that “it looks”?

There is a reason for which we chose collectively to live in a State of law : it is to avoid the blunders of popular justice.

One set of tags, set rules, set of principles. The presumption of innocence, the right to a full defence, the right to a fair trial, the burden of proof, and other non-negotiable conditions.

I am absolutely terrified to see that circulates these days an anonymous letter, a long list of names of alleged harassers, thrown as food to the collective vengeance.

No information on the circumstances, the time or the content of these supposed episodes of harassment.

How do you want an individual X to defend against it?

That the accused, what, when, how? A hidden or stashed you put a target on the front and it is up to you to prove that you did nothing!

The virus of the termination is an enemy vicious, because it propagates at any speed. Try to run after it shouting “I’m innocent!” : it will be too late, the damage is done, you are charged in the morning, found guilty of the midi and executed at the falling night.


You know all those sayings : “The lie is carried by the hare and the truth by the turtle” or “One lie makes more noise than a hundred truths”?

Well, they have been created for our time.

The line between the denunciation and the denunciation is quite thin.

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