Justin Bieber confirmed the engagement to Hailey Baldwin

Джастин Бибер подтвердил обручение с Хейли Болдуин

In the Network, the artist has placed the information that the event took place on the seventh day of the seventh month.

American singer Justin Bieber has confirmed talk that he and model Hailey Baldwin engaged. In Instagram the actor wrote that information spreads at the speed of light, it’s not true. The musician wrote that it happened on the seventh day of the seventh month, as this number is the number of spiritual perfection. Bieber also believes that it is waiting for a “stable and healthy marriage.” Overseas edition reported that on Sunday, Justin proposed to marry the niece of Alec Baldwin, when a couple was in the Bahamas. It is also stated that before the engagement, the relationship of lovers lasted about a month, but it was familiar.

Note that before relations with Baldwin, the contractor met with Selena Gomez, but broke things with her this spring.


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