Justin Theroux caught in the company of charming brunettes

Джастина Теру застали в компании очаровательной брюнетки

Since then, as the star of the television series “Left behind” broke up with Jennifer aniston, the actor increasingly notice with young companions. Previously popular brunette caught in the company of photographer, Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez and famous fashion models, despite the fact that Theroux himself has still not confirmed a single novel. However, it seems that Justin cannot boast of constancy. After yesterday, 46-year-old actor in new York, where aniston’s ex-boyfriend walked on the main streets. By the way, the Hollywood star was not alone but in the company of a dog and a new friend.

Companion was a pretty young brunette. However, the identity of the new actor chosen to install failed. Writes storinka.com.ua Justin did not change the usual style, so wearing a fitted dark jeans, a baseball cap, sunglasses and a gray t-shirt. A friend of Theroux boasted a slim figure, wearing a light dress-shirt length mini lemon-colored. Also, the brunette showed sunglasses that beneficial concealed most of her face girls.

It is noteworthy that earlier Justin hinted that he is in a relationship with Oscar-winning colleague Emma stone. Additionally, a couple of actors seen several times together. The pair walked the streets of new York, and also visited one of the restaurants in Beverly hills. However, the red-haired beast has not confirmed a romance with the brunette. Besides celebrity more than a month did not appear together. However, ex-wife stars of the movie “wanderlust” successfully got rid of depression, and now often attends social events and parties. Recall that the celebrity couple were married in the period from 2015 to 2017. Now the former couple is still not known the cause of the divorce. But close friends told me that Theroux couldn’t handle the independent nature of Jennifer. As the blonde flatly refused to move to the hometown of the beloved.


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