Justin Trudeau and the provincial premiers have spoken Friday

Justin Trudeau et les premiers ministres provinciaux se sont parlé vendredi

OTTAWA – While disagreements have emerged on the big day this week between Ottawa and Quebec city, a virtual meeting between Justin Trudeau and his provincial counterparts took place as scheduled on Friday.

The provincial premiers have all agreed that health and safety should remain the top priorities during the economic recovery to be expected, has informed the office of Justin Trudeau in a press release sent to the end of this meeting.

The entourage of the prime minister of Canada has also indicated that all had agreed on the progressive character of the déconfinement.

The implementation of the emergency Help of Canada, for rent commercial (AUCLC) was also on the agenda at this meeting which was also attended by the vice-prime minister of Canada, asked by chrystia Freeland.

This support, announced Friday to some owners of commercial buildings, is financed both by the provinces, that the federal. In Quebec, it has been agreed that the government Legault will be at the level of 25%, compared to 75% for the federal government.

In other cases, the two levels of government, however, are less good.

Justin Trudeau has in particular pushed the premier of Quebec, François Legault, when he suggested in his daily press conference Friday that NURSING homes may be part of the canada health Act. In other words, in order to receive the federal funding, NURSING homes are expected to meet the conditions set by Ottawa.

“When the health care system has been put in place, the federal government was funding 50%, replied François Legault. So, if I have one request to make to Mr. Trudeau, is that he will return to 50% and we will take care of managing the network.”

This is not the first time that the federal shock to Quebec this week. Many have pointed out that the emergency assistance for students, announced on Thursday by Ottawa, the risk of harm to the government’s efforts Legault to help growers to recruit more workers this summer.

In the press release sent out Friday night following the meeting between Justin Trudeau and his counterparts, it was not mentioned if these two subjects were part of the discussions.

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