Kamala Harris declined an offer of Joe Biden?

Kamala Harris déclinerait-elle une offre de Joe Biden?

In my usual tour of the american media this morning, I noted that the name of Kamala Harris was mentioned quite often.

Two articles that have particularly caught my attention. In a first step, a text on the website of POLITICO clearly suggests that the senator from California would be in the lead to become the colistière of Joe Biden, while the second, published on the website of the New York Times, argues that Mrs. Harris, very ambitious, might well decline the offer.

I am interested in the career of Kamala Harris since the first term of Barack Obama. Elected attorney general of California in 2010 and 2014, she has all the qualities to hold the attention of the national scene. Despite a disappointing performance during the recent democratic primary, she still has a lot to offer.

POLITICO insisted this morning on the fact that, at 55 years of Kamala Harris is young, this would make a good counterweight to the advanced age of Joe Biden. Donors close to the democratic candidate believe that his course daughter of immigrants (to India for his mother, and Jamaica for his father) can inspire and demonstrate that Biden is committed to representing the cultural diversity american.

His personal qualities, we add the fact that the immediate surroundings of Biden would have forgiven him his attacks during the debate of June 2019. Probably in the hope of increasing its media coverage and to undermine the leader, Harris had called into question the legacy of Biden in terms of racial integration (extract here).


The former vice-president never saw coming the blow and he was out shaken by the exchange.

Harris and Biden have discussed on several occasions since, and Ms. Harris supports openly the candidacy of his former rival. Whether in the Senate or at gatherings, Kamala Harris emphasizes the importance of close ranks and unite behind the democratic candidate. Therefore, it is possible that it will become the colistière, a choice that has a lot of advantages and very few disadvantages.

The article in the New York Times , however, raises a question which seems very relevant. Kamala Harris wants to become vice-president? Astead W. Herndon says that she has already refused tempting offers because they did not correspond to its ambitions and its strategy.

Ambitious and preferring to be first elected to the Senate, Kamala Harris had declined the proposal of Barack Obama, who offered him to become attorney general of the United States. If the bet turned out to be the good for a woman who was already planning to lead a presidential campaign, that there is the prospect of becoming the first woman to the vice-presidency?

Hold the position of attorney general of the United States is rarely seen as a stepping-stone to the presidency, but the vice-presidency could offer a different perspective. A first wife, a woman of minorities, attract the attention of the media. Like Joe Biden is already very old, it is well possible that he is there for only one term. The presidency would then not be very far away…

Unlike Stacey Abrams or Elizabeth Warren, Ms. Harris is very discrete about its intentions. If several observers believe that this discretion is intended not to upset Biden in him forcing the hand, others believe that it is rather up to the auction.

Confident in his potential and his qualities, she would not be interested in the vice-presidency no matter what the conditions. She could negotiate a number of responsibilities that would allow him to stand out. As a vice-president may be held to be the difference, as the function has evolved to the point where some vice presidents, like Dick Cheney played a major role.

This is not necessarily the graveyard of presidential ambitions.

Despite the abundance of applications that are of great quality, I remain convinced that Kamala Harris would be the colistière the most qualified to accompany Joe Biden on the ticket democrat. But regardless of the choice of former vice-president, rest assured that we will be revisiting often in the senator of California.

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