Kapustin: on the Latvian investment

М.Капустин: о латвийских инвестициях

Well, well, look, there’s new figures tossed at CMU. News from these statesmen, who came to the Government from the “League of laughter”, “Laugh comedian” and other uncharacteristic CMU places always cause laughter. As they sought with all their previous experience.

Alexey Goncharuk said: “E-Cabinet Builder – a step to end corruption in the construction industry”.
The announcement came right in the midst of a scandal with the new building Scam, many times larger than the Elita-center – with Ukrbudkom! Bankruptcy Ukrbud – here is Your first major step!

Lowering the discount rate by 2 points indicates a stable positive trend in the economy of Ukraine, – all the same Alexey Goncharuk.
A very strange assessment. The budget revenues is declining in the billions compared to the previous year. The sharp depreciation of the dollar, the Government destroys Ukrainian exporters and elevates the economic throne of the importers. Importers in turn destroy national manufacturer. What he sees is “stable positive trend”? Maybe he’s in some other country works?

We need to change the model of the organization of suburban transportations, – the Ministry of Infrastructure.
Uber without You all do. Do not climb anywhere and do not disturb.

Za100 days the Government began construction of IT-infrastructure of the penitentiary system.
10 years ago, every prisoner in jail or in the area had their account using which they bought and buy my own groceries and stuff. Each “hut” has a phone/phones. What other IT infrastructure are You building, a petty liar? 5-G actually spent in the hut?

Tatyana Monakhova: the Ukrainian language is a tool for engaging people into society.
I don’t know who this Monakhova, but with this news there are a number of problems. First, the phrase “Ukrainian language” in Russian and Ukrainian is written with a small letter. Secondly, more than 60% of Ukrainians speak Russian and don’t need them anywhere to engage. They are involved in society and in those areas in which considered necessary. What stupidity and narrow-mindedness!

Office of the Latvian Agency of investments and development will resume in Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.
This is a breakthrough! Because Latvia is a world leader in the investment… Another stupid news about the Ukrainian-Chilean friendship or bitwise Ukraine-Nepal.

Started the process of digitalization of public service, – Alexey Goncharuk.
Here is what you need. At least one normal and understandable news. Digitalization.

Maxim Kapustin

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