Karar: why trump is so ruthless to the Palestinians?

Karar: почему Трамп так беспощаден к палестинцам?

The US government always pursued a Pro-Israeli policy, considered the security of the Israeli state as its own security. Even in the peace process in Oslo consensus formula proposed by bill Clinton Acero Arafat, was clearly Pro-Israel. But neither the President of the United States weren’t so prejudiced and so biased as trump.As soon as the tramp came to power, he cut all financial assistance to the Palestinians. Discontinued support Agency “UNRWA” (UNRWA), established by the UN to aid Palestinian refugees, has closed the office of the Palestine liberation Organization in Washington, has triggered the decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, many years is in limbo, has promoted the change of an internationally recognized status of Jerusalem and the Golan heights.And on Monday, November 18, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the Israeli settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan river is not contrary to international law. Although Pompeo noted that this does not apply to any particular settlement and cannot serve as an example, this statement dispelled the last hopes for finding solutions according to the formula “two States”, which will be able to meet the expectations of the Palestinians.Until recently, the USA argued that these settlements are contrary to international law and, in particular, the Fourth Geneva Convention (article 49). The rest of the world also declared the settlements illegal. Despite reports to the contrary, Israel, the UN Security Council reaffirmed that position by resolution No. 446, adopted on 22 March 1979 and the UN General Assembly — various other statements and resolutions.Whatever may be said Pompeo, approach the world, apparently, will not change in the near future. There are UN resolutions, International court of justice, EU practice. The illegality of settlements definitely will continue to have normative value for the rest of the world as the element of agreement.But unfortunately, this thesis will lose its actual weight, will cease to be the undisputed part of the negotiations. This transgression which is considered the most powerful country in the world not just unofficially, but officially and will be the starting point for future negotiations and new plans. That understanding, which became the principle of negotiations since the peace process in Oslo, will change, and imaginary borders of a Palestinian state, which is continually narrowing, will become even narrower.From the point of view Pompeo, such a statement due to the need to take into account the existing reality to prepare the ground for negotiations and to provide a solution to the parties problems regardless of who is right or wrong. That is, in other words, remove the legal obstacle to even greater oppression of the strong weak.U.S. Secretary of state says politely, “we Now recognize is not a universal right, and the right of the strongest”. Do not be surprised if soon will be published the plan, which allegedly prepares in-law trump Kushner (Kushner). Because the situation is extremely favorable for this kind of fait accompli.On the one hand, trump is under pressure, and on the other hand, Netanyahu. In the United States is impeachment. Israel did not manage to form a government. In order to change the agenda, it is necessary to develop new creative solutions to increase the support of public opinion.In addition, there is no order in the Arab world, which resisted the force. Saudi Arabia, once said that without a return to the 1967 borders without peace, and there will be no peace — the Arabs do not recognize Israel, and otpisyvaetsya under the Arab peace initiative, are now covered by completely different moods. Saudi Arabia seeks to win over Israel on their side to counterbalance the Iranian threat.Egypt needs the United States and Saudi Arabia for their own stability, even survival. Iraq can not heal its wounds, Syria is busy with a civil war. In Lebanon — its political crisis. Iran with all its weight is not included in the solution of this problem. And, let’s face it, we also have enough problems.We need to give priority to your challenges in relations with the United States. We are unable to pay less attention to such issues as Party “Democratic Union” (PYD), Cyprus and others. Moreover, even if we didn’t have any problems, it is very unlikely that only one of our efforts, our diplomacy would be enough to force the administration to abandon trump’s decisions on Palestine and to obtain a result that will please the Palestinians.We probably again can convene the Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC), as is the case with the question of the status of Jerusalem, to seek the adoption of a resolution of the UN General Assembly, to remind the international law and previous resolutions. But we can hardly launch such an initiative, which will affect the process of achieving peace and give Palestinians hope. And, most likely, we will not be able to convince Israel to return to 1967 borders and a compromise on the basis of this principle.It seems to me that if we’re going to do something for Palestine and the Palestinians, it is easier and much more efficient it is to work together with the EU. Of course, it is important to enlist the support of the OIC to provide proof of principle of a return to the 1967 borders and other basic parameters of the solution. If we can attract the largest and most influential players, this will benefit both the Palestinians and us will raise the Turkey, or rather, the idea of Turkey to a new level…

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