KASKO KASKO against! However

So, what about the General Prosecutor’s office.

Касько против Касько! Однако

If you thought all the funny you’ve already seen, no.We really managed to gather a unique team, even against all previous.As you know, our esteemed Attorney General, why then forgetting to hold a competition, has appointed two new deputies.One of which, lucky for us all chance, was Mr. KASKO.And here with it and is one amazing from a medical point of view story.How many of you remember, a few years ago the scandal broke.It turned out that dismissed from GPU KASKO privatize the office apartment.Someone from grushnikov gave the briefing, which gave the details of the contrivances by which KASKO beg the apartment from the Motherland.I will not give the details of the story, but if you read this horror, any one of you out of pity would give him his.Because it is so hard none of you lived.And to hell with him, but KASKO was offended, felt the honor and dignity, and went to defend them in court.With a claim to the Prosecutor’s office.Lost but live in the profane, the apartment was humiliating and disgusting, and KASKO went to appeal.And lost it.And 155 square metres openly infuriated and KASKO in June 19th of the year has submitted the cassation to the Supreme Court.In short, so long not to tell.Tomorrow the hearing.The plaintiff KASKO will fight against the Prosecutor General’s office, the second man which is KASKO Deputy Prosecutor General.Against KASKO KASKO.If the judge doesn’t go crazy, you cheer for both sides.And is there not a conflict of interest, what do you think?Can it happen that the GPU will win, because the Deputy Prosecutor General KASKO included the administrative resource?Or lose because KASKO Deputy Prosecutor General decided to play along with the plaintiff KASKO?As if we the voter did not nervous, honestly.Max Buzhansky

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