Kassym-Jomart Tokayev: the way of life of the presidential candidate of Kazakhstan

PHOTO : Official website of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The party “Nur Otan” party has nominated incumbent President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, at the election of the President. About the life and political career – in the material correspondent of the TV channel “MIR 24” Dmitry Barbash.

After repairing the gymnasium №25 Almaty city fit to be called a presidential. Went here the future President of Kazakhstan. Here it is, a student of 10 “B”, among the winners of the mathematical Olympiad. But the exact Sciences Tokayev chose Humanities. Higher education in the forge of Soviet diplomats, MGIMO.

“Kasym-Zhomart went to the Chinese language, which complexity is one of the most difficult. It is a tonal language and you need to have excellent hearing, a great memory to remember all these characters”, – said extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in Switzerland Sergey Garmonin.

Harmonin was not only a neighbor of K. Tokayev’s party, but also for the Institute to hostel. However, going to lectures, started a diplomatic career.

“He’s one of the few who went through his career from the lowest diplomatic posts of the duty assistant to the President of the country. That is on their shoulders carried all the joys and sorrows and the diplomatic and civil service,” – said the Ambassador.

“This is the gift Kassym-Zhomart of Kemelevich on the birthday of my wife on 4 January 2010 – three Kazakh doll,” – said the diplomat Yevgeny Bazhanov

They’ve been friends for almost half a century – Bazhanov and Kassym-Jomart Tokayev worked at the Soviet Embassy in Beijing. Today, of course, see each other rarely, but the connection is not lose.

“This man has a unique sensitivity and attention to people with whom he worked, friends. Every event in our life, birthday, increased for the post, even something positive – always it is a telegram, he’s on the phone”, – said the rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia Bazhanov.

The Minister of foreign Affairs, state Secretary, Prime Minister, speaker of the Senate of the Parliament, doctor of political Sciences. This is not a complete record of Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev. One time he was the Deputy UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon.

“I can assure you that this is a man who is ready for actions, willing to volitional actions. Therefore we speak about it as about the optimum figure. The man, known in European circles,” said analyst Rasul zhumaly.

It would seem that with such a busy schedule, the President has no time to rest. But he still finds time to play with the other party in ping-pong. This sport Kassym-Zhomart Kemelevich started as a youth.

“I once was lucky enough to spend with him a training session, it was in 2009. I will say that is pretty good holding the ball,” recalls the Secretary General of table tennis Federation of Kazakhstan Daniel Pak.

The President of Kazakhstan is the author of nine books and numerous articles on international relations. In addition to Kazakh and Russian, he is fluent in English and Chinese.