Kate Middleton will repeat the fate of Princess Diana

Кейт Мидлтон повторит судьбу Принцессы Дианы

Lady Diana Spencer was remembered around the world in the rank of “Queen of hearts”. That’s what it called in the press the last years before the tragic sudden death in 1997. However, the title Diana, Princess of Wales after the death of Queen Elizabeth will go to Kate Middleton, says Know.

The mother of princes William and Harry after Diana’s divorce from Prince Charles, renounced the Royal title officially belonged to the Royal family. However, part of her heritage get Kate Middleton.

After the death of Elizabeth II, or in the case of abdication, the following will take the throne of her son Charles. And that means Prince William will receive the title of Prince of Wales and Kate will become Princess of Wales. The same title was once Princess Diana.

It is reported that out of respect for Princess Diana and her memory, the second wife of Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, refused this title.

Кейт Мидлтон повторит судьбу Принцессы Дианы

Recall, from the day of the wedding Megan and Harry in the network vehemently discussed gossip about the rivalry between the 36-year-old Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Told Western media that the wife of the British Prince has found a new cause for a new conflict.

Even during her third pregnancy, Kate Middleton has become surprisingly more time and attention to his duties. Some believe that the way Kate does not want to allow the newly formed Harry’s wife Meghan Markle her in something eclipsed.

See Kate Middleton encroached on the sacred:

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