Katherine Levac : as home to The “love is in the meadow”

Katherine Levac : comme à la maison à «L’amour est dans le pré»

MONTREAL – on The same day, Marie-Eve January announced his departure from “love is in the meadow” Katherine Levac received a plethora of messages from fans of the show, who fervently wanted to see it animate the reality show farm of V next year.

Ask, and you shall receive : it is Katherine who will play the entremetteuses to the campaign in the ninth season of “love is in the meadow”, of which a first selection of eight candidate(s)and finalists, male or female, will be unveiled in a few weeks.

Adept and fair view of the concept since its debut on television in quebec in 2012 – while it was still studying at the national School of humor, the humorist does not hide a dream with this new challenge.

Moderator or not, I’m still very invested in The “love is in the meadow,” said Katherine, a smile in the voice. I feel as if I was going to “match” my friends!”

Winning formula

The “reconciliation” occurred quickly between the chain V, the producer of Attraction Images, and Katherine Levac in the last few weeks. The decision-makers knew the young woman entichée long-standing “love is in the meadow”, and the latter was not slow to manifest his interest in the project. The union is completed in a single meeting.

This will be the first animation to the tv for the actress “Like Me!”, that is already the idea of finding the next Hugh, and who commiserates of romance tied in the latest edition by the fifty Nicolas and Louise, that she will elsewhere on the plateau of “Hello Hello”, from ICI Radio-Canada Télé, next Monday.

Comfortable in the format, Levac does not happen with her big hooves to denature the soul of “love is in the meadow”, but seek not to imitate Marie-Ève Janvier, a party to the VAT pilot the new “talk show” “To turn”, we will discover this fall.

“I want to keep the essence of the issue. There is a high degree of authenticity, a great sensitivity in “love is in the meadow”. We put the participants in a value. You don’t change a winning formula.”

“I’m a comedian, but I don’t want that to become a “show” of humor. The tone will change, because I’m not Marie-Eve. There will be little teasing here and there, but mainly I want to adapt myself to the show. And the public will perhaps discover a side more sensitive to me. I feel more coach than facilitator,” adds Katherine, who is already forecasting that the time of the meeting of families will be his favorite outing of the experience.


While the art world is currently shaken by denunciations of abuse of all kinds – a wave that is upsetting, but also makes it proud of those who take the word – Katherine Levac is excited about the family values and caring put forth in “love is in the meadow”. In eight years, a dozen of couples lasting are formed, and 21 (soon 22) babies are born.

“This show joined my values. Often, in Montreal, we think that there is that we, we are in the vortex of Montreal, but the truth is that there is a grain of sand in Quebec. With my tour, I meet the public in the region after the shows, and The “love is in the meadow” will be a nice continuity to this level. I am passionate about agriculture, I’m going to go in farms, meet the people,” says the native of St-Bernardin, Ontario, who grew up on a poultry farm.

The ninth season of “love is in the meadow” will be presented at V the next winter.

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