Katherine Levac loves his new freedom

Katherine Levac aime sa nouvelle liberté

Even if the pandemic has forced her to move away from the scene for several months, the humorist Katherine Levac is trying to see the good side of things with this leave unexpected.

“I can take the time to write without having the pressure of doing a show the same evening, she said. At the beginning, I found it difficult, but finally I love this freedom. This is a good time for me to focus on my second show I super excited to get started on breaking in. ”

“My days are super flat, but quite frankly, I don’t hate it,” she adds. It is cool to be able to stay at home. I am often on the road, so I take advantage of. ”

Because she now had more time in front of her, Katherine Levac has also accepted the proposal to participate in the program The alternates, on Télé-Québec. “I have the chance to achieve my dream to be a teacher for a few capsules, she wrote on his page Facebook about a video in which she explains the usefulness of the semicolon. ”

The appointment of the Heads

During the confinement, the comedian has watched the series It is like that that I love you, on HERE TOU.TV. “I loved it ! ”

In his other shots of the hearts of the small screen, she called The love is in the meadow and the return of the show The Chefs. “It is always a summer meeting that I love. I’m attached to the competitors and I am full of business. ”

Musically, Katherine was very excited to be able to listen to the new album of Klo Pelgag, who has unfortunately been postponed due to the pandemic. “Otherwise, I loved the album from Rosie Valland. He is very sweet and perfect in order not to panic in times of crisis (laughter). ”

Since humour is never far away, Katherine has enjoyed watching the shows of Marc Maron and Taylor Tomlinson, on Netflix. “Failure to be able to do the show, I look at ! ”

On the side of the podcasts, she recommends one of William Wagner, simply titled” Wagner. “The guests are always original and diverse subjects. ”

The suggestions of Katherine

Tv series

  • Love is in the meadow
  • The Heads


  • Klo Pelgag
  • Rosie Valland
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