Katie Holmes allowed to lick the fingers of his feet to the actor Seth green in the movie “Dear dictator”

Katie Holmes in the movie “Dear dictator”

Recently hosted the world premiere of “Dear dictator” (Dictator Dear), one of the leading roles in which played Katie Holmes. In the film, ex-wife of Tom cruise played the dental assistant (played by Seth green) who has a rather unusual fetish. Dentist experiencing weakness… to the feet. In one of episodes the hero of Greene’s licking his fingers of the heroine of Holmes, who lies on a couch and totally rejects.

Seth green, Katie Holmes in the movie “Dear dictator”

My wife wouldn’t let me do it. She says it’s weird

he explains his actions.

The rest of the absurdity that is in the film, the Russian audience will be able to see March 29, when the movie will be released in wide release. In the center of the plot — the story of a dictator of one of the Caribbean countries, which meets on a correspondence with a high school student, finds her friend and runs from your States in America (where she lives). The film also starred Michael Caine, Odeya rush, Jason Biggs and Adrian Wu.

Michael Caine and Katie Holmes in the movie “Dear dictator”
Katie Holmes, Michael Caine and Odeya rush in the film “Dear dictator”

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