Katy Perry accidentally stripped on stage

The star can not keep his balance while dancing.

Кеті Перрі випадково оголилася на сцені

Famous American pop singer Katy Perry (Katy Perry) disgraced broadcast popular talent show: the artist fell on stage, reports Rus.Media.

Katie wanted to support the person speaking, therefore, took the stage and performed a funny dance, but couldn’t hold balance and fell. The singer was in a short dress, which during the fall rose up and bared an intimate part of her body.

The incident occurred in the broadcast of the popular TV show American Idol, where Katy Perry is in the jury. When came on stage the contestant Michelle Sassetta, the famous actress decided to support her and dance to the lively song.

Unfortunately, Perry didn’t hold a balance on high heels and awkwardly fell, but the star wasn’t upset about it. The actress also brought a selection of dresses – short dress “jumped” during the fall and bared her spicy body parts Perry. The star just laughed at what happened.

Кеті Перрі випадково оголилася на сцені

The producers of the TV show covered the hem of the dress that siderca, the logo of the TV show, so the audience, which was at the time the TV screens, did not see the underwear of the stars. .

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