Katy Perry vacations with Orlando bloom in Japan and admired his naked torso

On the resumption of the novel 33-year-old Katy Perry and 41-year-old Orlando bloom once again talking a month and a half ago. But then these assumptions was based only on guesses and reports from insiders — a direct confirmation of the novel was not. Soon, however, a few were even more together, and then all doubts have disappeared completely.

Lovers do spend a lot of time together. This is evidenced by the fact that bloom came to support his beloved in Tokyo, where she will serve part of his tour.

Instagram photo of Orlando bloom

The paparazzi photographed a couple on a city street in a rather amusing attire: Perry was dressed in a suit Luigi and bloom echoed the way Mario from famous video games (alas, SPLETNIK.RU these frames are unavailable).

With a sense of humor these stars seem to do everything just fine. A few hours ago, the actor has published in his Instagram photo (by the way, very hot!) bare-chested, which has demonstrated its press (and bloom, as we remember, did not hesitate to pose in the Nude). Among those who commented on the picture were the singer.

I was looking for a washing Board

— ironically she said.


As told by an insider, though the lovers do not hide their relationship, but prefer them not to advertise.

They want to build a new relationship that will not be in full view of their fans and the world. They both have very busy lives, and they made a plan to give their love a second chance

he said.

Katy Perry and Orlando bloom

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