Kazakhstan took the 58th place among the successful countries in the UN rating

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Alan Kaziev


Among the successful countries Kazakhstan occupies 58-e a place. The ranking of the UN voiced at the Astana economic forum, reports “WORLD 24”.

Just a list of 189 countries. In compiling the report were considered indicators of living standards, literacy and longevity of the population. In Kazakhstan, according to the observations of experts, created all conditions for comfortable life and business.

“The experience of Kazakhstan in this regard is very relevant. As priorities are considered equal receipt of services of health and education. The country is reforming and modernizing its economy with the social support of the population and encouraging entrepreneurship. The business climate becomes more competitive, attracted more investment,” said Deputy UN Secretary-General’s Armida of Alisjahbana.

Kazakhstan among the partners in the EEU inferior of Belarus and Russia.