Kebabs are deposited: the Urals and Siberia covered with snow

In Siberia and the Urals increased the drifts. The locals once again pulled out a feather. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Rodion Marinichev – about a snowstorm in April.

So, in Krasnoyarsk has dropped 15 inches of snow. This is the case when unlucky the ball. Though not on the knee, but to “change the shoes” car on such roads to drive risky.

Today in Krasnoyarsk again in the course of warm jackets, hats, and shovels. This is the last greetings from winter, say forecasters. The snow melts as fast as it fell. After the summer tomorrow: in the heart of Siberia promise +23.

For the Ural frosts in late April is not uncommon. Snow here a little less, but still the landscape is almost winter. This morning, a joke was even congratulated each other a happy New year.

In neighboring Yekaterinburg is not just snow, but also gusty winds. Here announced a storm warning. In recent days had almost monthly norm.

The streets flooded so we had to postpone the rehearsal of the Victory Parade. Blizzard will not stop until at least mid-week. So far – no summer.