Keep the shops closed on Sundays: a good idea, according to John Tremblay

Garder les commerces fermés les dimanches: une bonne idée, selon Jean Tremblay

Should we leave the shops closed on Sundays, once the crisis of the sars coronavirus has been completed? The former mayor of Saguenay, Jean Tremblay believes that the government should consider it seriously.

“We have not learned how to relax, has launched Mr. Tremblay in an interview with TVA News on Wednesday. We worked all week, it is stressed. We arrive on Sunday and it seems like it runs two times faster. It is old, it, history, to take one day per week to rest. It’s part of our nature, and he would have to go back to it.”

The government has taken the decision to close the grocery stores and shops essential on Sundays, to allow employees who work tirelessly since the beginning of the crisis to rest.

According to John Tremblay, this day off also allows families to be reunited.

“Go have dinner with friends or with family, talking to our kids, this is important! Families have a few defeats in recent years and we no longer have the time to build together, has found the former magistrate of Saguenay. Let us stop to breathe a little, once a week, that’s good.”

Mr. Tremblay out little, but he did not suffer from the confinement.

“Personally, I don’t have trouble with it, he said. I stay at home, I don’t go out. I usually go to Montreal often. There, I do not go there, but I do not suffer. I know that it’s going to come back. However, I am aware that, for other people, it is more difficult.”

He himself admits to be afraid of this virus, particularly difficult for the older people affected.

“Before I adventure, I get back to my old habits, I glue all the world, it will take some time,” assured the one who would have preferred that the government not déconfine not the regions immediately.

“If a person needs to go to Quebec or Montreal for a need, they are going to let him pass, he explained. So, I think we should not rush to re-open the gates. I would have kept it closed again for a while. I would have waited for things to develop to see what tangent it’s going to take. I think it’s a little too early.”

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