Keep warm in the winter, not renewing

This material will be presented effective tips on how to keep warm without updating the wardrobe.

Зігріваємося взимку, не оновлюючи гардероб

Not everyone has the opportunity to update your wardrobe every 1-2 years. But winter inevitably comes every year! What to do if your winter or demi-season clothing can not cope with the arrival of cold weather even if the thermometer only minus five degrees?

Don’t forget about progress: a cozy mini-grelecki pockets

Зігріваємося взимку, не оновлюючи гардероб

In any shop inexpensive Chinese goods such as “a Thousand little things” in winter is certainly a nice fixture to warm up our pens in the winter. Each person has individual thermoregulation. One person can not freeze even at minus fifteen degrees and the other already in, plus eight degrees of cold Allergy starts as a red crust on the skin and the hands start animate from the cold, informs Rus.Media.

The principle of operation of such grelck following. Warmer is zamorozka or catalytic. Inside this warmer – salt solution with a special applicator that gives the start of the heat. Warmer aktiviziruyutsya of compression in the palm of your hand. It warmed up to about 60 degrees Celsius and the first 20 minutes heats just fine. If desired, they can be used to heat any other part of the body of the house during the interheating period.

Layered clothing in the winter

Зігріваємося взимку, не оновлюючи гардероб

Chiropractors insist that if you don’t want after 20 years to begin to suffer from unexplained pain in a particular part of the spine in the winter should dress in layered clothing. The main principle of “common clothes”: what would the temperature stood outside the window, the clothes should be not only warm but also a little hot. If the clothes you are cold, neck pain, lower back or the thoracic will sooner or later declare itself.

Sometimes you can hear such complaints, most often from women: “I bought a very expensive jacket, and I’m still cold!”. The reason for this phenomenon most often lies in the lack of layered clothing. For example, if the jacket on “lightning”, the cold air still can partially penetrate into the clothes in the field where there is no insulation (area closure). That is why in winter you should wear it as a element of underwear underwear t-shirt which must be tucked into pants or skirt.

The neck should be wrapped

Зігріваємося взимку, не оновлюючи гардероб

Even if your thermoregulation so that your neck is not cold in winter and you can safely wear in sub-zero temperatures without a scarf, believe me your spine doesn’t care. Pain in the neck after 25 years is not long to wait. Wearing such a fashion is now “sodv” on top of the hood of a winter jacket – not the best solution. The scarf should wrap around the neck this will ensure that early degenerative disc disease or fibrosis knocking at your door.

A resounding “No!” nylon tights with a winter!

Зігріваємося взимку, не оновлюючи гардероб

Afford to wear fine nylon tights in the winter are only those ladies who travel in their own cars, and whose walk in the cold “with bare feet” last no more than 7 seconds (the path from car to store, from the car to the entrance of the office building and the like). If you turn on any modern European or American movie, trust me: you won’t see massively Razgulyai winter in nylon tights and mini skirts ladies! Indeed, in any country of the world on the shelves are special winter tights with a heater!

“Walk in “Caproni” winter” is a phenomenon which is peculiar only in East Slavic countries. It is very difficult to determine the correct cause of this phenomenon. Most likely, after the great Patriotic war ladies were acutely aware of the shortage of men and tried his beautiful legs to lure captured a potential husband and provider of the family. It must have passed into the blood to the representatives of the next generations! But seriously, wearing tights with a mini in winter can lead to chronic inflammation of the female reproductive system, the regular formation of multiple cysts on the ovaries and infertility.

Not utterly absurd to follow the fashion for bare ankles all year round

Зігріваємося взимку, не оновлюючи гардероб

If the world there was a special annual award, which is officially called the stupidest fashion trend, bare ankle 12 months of the year, undoubtedly, for several years, would receive this award. It is impossible to comprehend. Therefore, we will restrict our recommendation for those who do not want to freeze in the winter: for God’s sake, do not follow this insane trend.

Everything we experience in the winter, people with bare ankles covered with a monstrous cold crust. But even this could not get slaves of youth fashion to cover the coveted strip of skin. Beauty requires sacrifice! By the way, in most cases, is about young boys and not about girls.