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  • Sandra Godin

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 23:13

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 23:13

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    Two years after a first contact memorable with Quebec on the plains of Abraham, Keith Urban has continued in the same vein another charm Sunday, under the roof of the Centre Videotron. A concert in the recipe, without particular scene, leaving the whole place to the prowess of the veteran guitarist… and many acts of generosity to melt hearts.

    They were about 7000 people at the Centre Videotron cheering. A guitar left to a young fan, a long walkabout to the top of the bleachers, spectators invited on stage to teach him words in French, a bright heart made by a Océane emotional, kept close to him throughout the concert: the singer had no shortage of tricks in his bag to charm the audience.

    He reserved other attentions to Quebec, taking the trouble to greet Jean-Marc Vallée, who directed his wife Nicole Kidman in the series ‘ Big-Littles Lies, a guy’s “cool and incredibly talented”.

    And what could be more generous as to invite a local star, Robby Johnson, to interpret “You Gonna Fly” with him. The two men were playing like a bunch of kids together on stage. Perhaps this was due to the frenzy, but, with a laugh, Robby Johnson has had a slight memory lapse. The public, who held him a home of thunder, was conquered and made fi.

    A music lesson

    The “ripCORD tour” Keith Urban has a staging relatively simple for a star of this magnitude. No projections, no lighting, excessive, here, it is the talent of the star, a past master in the art of blurring the boundaries of the country, which is spectacular.

    Urban, who plays guitar almost superhuman, has made to vibrate our eardrums with several solos that bonifiaient parts. Whether electric or acoustic, he has four, five or six strings, the instrument he wields has no more secret for the musician for 49 years. He abandons himself to his guitar, his bass and ganjo (a banjo with six strings) for over 90 minutes, to end the evening drenched in sweat, and probably also the fingers a bit swollen.

    Keith Urban had made a fine choice among all the success of his impressive repertoire. He has rocked the amphitheatre with the parts of the most pop of his last disc, such as “Wasted Time” and “Gone Tomorrow”, but one wonders why he had set aside for the “Sun Don’t Let Me Down”, that we thought could never be effective in concert.

    The energetic “Long Hot Summer” and “Somewhere In My Car” from the album “Fuse” have had their effect, and the magic began during “Break On Me” and his latest preview, “Blue Ain’t Your Color”, a song that gave him his 22nd number one in career. “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16”, however, has not had the biting hoped, but otherwise, musically, the show was energetic and flawless. A real lesson in country rock.

    At the reminder, he paid tribute to the legend Glen Campbell, who died last week, before “Raise ‘Em Up” and a few notes of U2. The recall was done, people left, and the singer was still on stage shaking hands. Certainly, the charm was a success.

    James Barker Band

    Shirt with a tiled floor and cap on the head, the Ontario James Barker and his four bandmates opened the evening with their new country, smooth, easy, formatted. In the absence of the atmosphere with its own parts, it took a few “olé olé” and a cover of Eminem and Stevie Wonder, questionable choices inserted between two country songs, for the crowd brandisse arms in the air.

    Powered too quickly in the lecture halls, the James Barker Band is certainly made up of excellent musicians, but the group’s lack of finishing is still seeking a clear identity.

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    • 1MzLiz

      Keith Urban isn’t only extremely talented, but he’s also a smart entertainer who gives his audiences what they want.