Ken Holland is worried about her young

For a very rare time in the last decade, the Edmonton Oilers were on the point of access to the playoffs.

At a time when the national hockey League (NHL) was forced to put his activities on hiatus, the formation of the Alberta occupied the second level of the section and the Pacific. And then from one day to the next, the uncertainty began to loom over the campaign 2019-2020.

What saddens the most is the general manager of the Oilers, Ken Holland, this is the impact of this judgment on the development of its young players.

“The 11 regular season games we had to play were going to be very important for our young players,” he said at a video conference held Saturday. We had hoped we would make it in series, which allows you to play another two weeks. Then, you hope to move on to another series. This is precious moments for all players and a team.”

“The young players like [Kailer] Yamamoto, Ethan Bear, Caleb Jones and I forget probably one or two. These are very young players and these matches were of the highest importance for their long-term development,” said the one who is in his first year as DG of the Oilers.

A rare opportunity

One can understand the disappointment of Holland, since his training has been accessed only once to play in the playoffs in the last 14 campaigns of the NHL.

If he has spoken of the “very young players” of his team, it’s a safe bet that the 64 year-old man was also disappointed that his stars such as Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl to miss currently the opportunity to do the full experience in the series. The two high scorers of the circuit Bettman this year have taken part in two series (2017) since they skate in the NHL.

“We were positioned to control our own destiny, said Holland. We believed that we were going to make our way up to the playoffs and after that, you never know. When we look at the latest results in the playoffs, we can throw away the statistics from the regular season through the window and everything becomes possible.”

“So I think that it is disappointing to not be able to continue on our way, but we understand of course all of this is happening in the world right now”, he added with resilience.

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