Kennel Yarosh

Псарня Яроша

In 2014 “Right sector” went to Karlovka and Sands. In Karlovka killed a lot of civilians, there was a lot of rape. Almost all men of Karlivka were forced to flee( who managed to escape), otherwise would have been shot( according to a local resident, who now lives in Donetsk).

In the Sand “Right sector” was involved in robberies, looting. In this village there were many rich houses, cottages, were taken all the way down to wall outlets and wiring. In the Sand was a private agricultural enterprise, whose owner before the war, leased a lot of machinery. “Right sector” delivered at the Western Ukraine tractors, harvesters, trucks. After a full “cleansing”, when there is nothing to steal, driven by the APU. ( The words of the soldier who stood there. He lamented – Uncle poor, the SS have taken away all his stuff, and he plowed the land, the bread was grown!)In 2014 at the forefront were those who took the like “the guerrillas”, for retraining. Many said to take for 10 days, others for 40 days, and immediately rushed to the front under fire. Under the bridge in Karlovka stood men from 35 to 40 years, yesterday the farmers, taxi drivers, entrepreneurs. Weapons were exchanged for food. One man from Poltava food once a week, brought godfather.Not a single officer “under the bridge” was not, they were afraid to show. May-June 2014″Right sector” moved to the rear – Kurakhovo, Konstantinovka, Mariupol, Volnovakha. Satisfying and safe. He is a professional looters , which covered the power.In Volnovakha arrested people who disappeared without a trace. Arrested on the list-destroyed anyone who was related to the referendum.Volnovaha 2014( when I was there) is full of military city, the terrified inhabitants, who were afraid to say a word. The military had arrived by rail in large numbers.
In Selidovo, on the “New mail”, was a line of warriors, sent the loot on their farms. In the rear were sent and transported everything from grenades, machine guns, and ending, shorts and coats, the car has not been tested enough to say

“Glory to Ukraine” at the checkpoint. It is the beginning of the war were numerous cases of attacks “DRG”, the bullets were for spoils (weapons). Volunteers 2014-15, it is the perpetrators in 90 percent of cases, they stuffed the rear of the weapon.

According to witnesses whom I personally interviewed Yarosh fled from the Donbass in the truck under the corpses. Released the car with the bodies beneath them were “heroic” Yarosh. Gang Yarosh was based in the house of the former Prosecutor, in Stepanivka.

In Stepanovka, an old man gave me American suhpay, which he treated soldiers Yarosh. You understand – in 2014, Ukrainian soldiers were fully provided American suhpaykom. Kennel Yarosh exactly.

Irina Lashkevich

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