“Kerfuffle” in the distribution of protection equipment

«Cafouillage» dans la distribution d’équipements de protection

So that the daycare will re-open partially today, the protection equipment ordered by the government of Québec for the educators had still not arrived in some areas, yesterday.

On 27 April, the prime minister François Legault announced the partial reopening of the daycare for today. The staff will now use masks, gloves and visors at the workplace.

However, yesterday evening, the teachers of the Ottawa, the Saguenay, Abitibi, Côte-Nord and the East-of-Québec had not yet received all their equipment, according to the Association québécoise des centres de la petite enfance (AQCPE).

“Initially, we were advised of a distribution scenario on Thursday. But deliveries have not been made. We received Saturday, but once again, they were incomplete, ” said the director-general of the AQCPE, Geneviève Bélisle.

Race against the clock

At least 48 h of D-day, the director-general, with the assistance of members of parliament and stakeholders in the regions concerned, made feet and hands to find a solution. CISSS, school boards and businesses have been contacted in the hope of recovering most of the equipment as possible.

“It has enabled a support network because we did not want to refuse families on Monday morning,” explains Ms. Bélisle, who adds that the ministry of the Family has also helped.

Yesterday evening, the various stakeholders who have had to “force it to edge quickly enough” have been able to say mission accomplished. All the network of care services would be able to open today.

Contacted as she walked in the Bas-Saint-Laurent to deliver the missing material, Julie Dalpé, the chair of the Network of early childhood services in the East-of-Québec (RESPEQ), could not believe the lack of organization of the government in this folder.

“It is a lot of confusion in this whole situation there. We should have been ready well before, ” she says.

Same sound of bell on the side of the member pq of Duplessis in the Côte-Nord, Lorraine Richard, which also put hand to the dough. “When we made announcements and said that everything will be ready, it is necessary to ensure that this is the case. ”

To explain the failures of logistics, the minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, simply indicates in a tweet that ” the territory is enormous, and [that] it creates issues of delivery “.

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